Interviewed by RWM

Interviewed by RWM

#185 – Maite Muñoz
07.01.2014 (24′ 25”)

In January 2013, the Joan Brossa Foundation and Ajuntament de Barcelona deposited the entire legacy of the Catalan artist Joan Brossa with MACBA. A total of 60.000 elements including poems, photographs, objects, paintings, manuscripts and many other documents that help to contextualise Brossa’s work and further our knowledge of this interdisciplinary, avant-garde artist.

The cataloguing, conservation and dissemination process that a collection of this type entails is an exciting challenge for the MACBA Study Centre, which was set up in December 2007 to broaden the Museum’s scope of action through the study of documentary practices that are inextricably bound to contemporary artistic practice.

Here, Joan Brossa’s legacy guides us through the different stages of the Centre’s work, and offers us an insight into the importance of archives as a means to manage and disseminate our documentary heritage.

SON[I]A talks to Maite Muñoz, Head of MACBA Archive, about how the material in the Archive is organised, strategies for dissemination, and how it all contributes to redefining the boundaries between art and document.